Synology Wake On LAN Gateway

The Wake On LAN Gateway is a service that implements Wake On LAN (WoL) subnet directed broadcasts enabling you to wake up computers and other devices on your Local Area Network that support WoL magic packets. The service has been developed because the majority of routers do not support subnet directed broadcasts and therefore it is in most cases impossible to wake up a device from the Internet. The Wake On LAN Gateway will take over this task and works behind any type of router or NAT device. WoL magic packets can be received from any device both on the Internet and your Local Area Network.


Enable Wake On LAN Gateway

Once the Wake On LAN Gateway is enabled, it will listen for WoL magic packets on UDP port 9. Received WoL magic packets are validated using the IP address of the sender, MAC address of the target device and password (SecureOn). Accepted WoL magic packets will be broadcasted on the Local Area Network. All rejected or accepted WoL magic packets will be written to both the Synology system log and the log of the Wake On LAN Gateway.


Manage Wake On LAN privileges

The devices that can be awakend are maintained in the Wake On LAN rights based on the attributes below:


Install the Wake On LAN Gateway

Download the Wake On LAN Gateway and go to the Package Center of your Synology NAS. Choose for 'Manual Install' and select the downloaded package.


Download the Wake On LAN Gateway

When the wake On LAN Gateway has been downloaded as WakeOnLAN.tar, please rename it to WakeOnLAN.spk